Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Global Lens

Leos Room is a film which displays a mans life and the struggles he goes through. In school his relationship was not stable, but his mother thought they were destined to get married. After Leo's troubles with his girlfriend, he choses to go online to find girls to date. Two men in particular come over, but instantly leave when Leo says he only wants to talk. Leo visits a therapist to help him get through his tough times. Also his new love, a man Seba, helps him answer questions he may not have known about himself. Leos Room explores challenges that a man will grow through throughout his life.

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Global Lens

Shirley Adams is a film based in Cape Town, South Africa. Shirley, a single mother with a disabled son. Donovan, shot in the back of the neck on the way home from school. Shirley deals with poverty because of no job and no husband. The greatest thing happened to her when an occupational therapist, Tamsin, came into her life. Donovan and Tamsin had a great relationship and it began to keep Donovans emotions down. This film shows the struggles a family can go through when faced with adversity.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gran Torino

I am not the biggest fan of the plot line in Gran Torino, but I can say the producer shows racism very well. It shows a man who is very racist, but get over the racism due to the kindness of a different race. Stereotypical racism is showed because before Walt even knows the other race, he automatically doesn't like them. Throughout the film he learns to be friends with and trust different kinds of people. It shows good life lessons to the people who believe in Stereotypes.


Crash is one of my favorite movies that shows signs of racism everywhere. Although the movie jumped around, it was very easy to follow because of the in depth look we go in every scene. Everyone can relate to this movie in their own way, no matter what race or what they believe in. It should open the eyes of every viewer of the movie.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Final Project

I believe this final project is a great way to get to know oneself a little bit better. Many people don't realize the borders they break through every day. If one is exposed to the borders they cross, it may open more opportunities for them in the future. It may take some time to think of a border, but once you think of one, your mind will be racing with many ideas.


Mi Familia

 Mi Familia is a film the shows many borders being faced and crossed. The film is a great influence towards any family dealing with dealing with family or racial issues. Jose's family was faced with more borders than most family with go through in a lifetime. I feel as though they faced the borders and broke through them with confidence. When a border was not crossed, it meant one did not have to confidence to experience new ways.


Saturday, September 25, 2010


During class, many of our topics turn into talking about religion. Growing up, I was not in a very religious family so I don't know much about any type of religion. When topics like this come up, I have a hard time contributing to the conversation. I do my best to include my input in any other topic the comes up in class, but when religion is the main topic I am not able to add my thought or state an interesting point.